Some thoughts on the current state of the Video Game Industry

2020 has been a rather reflective year for me during these past couple of months as the entire world remains in a standstill from the ongoing pandemic. The video game industry in particular has seen changes as well with most developers and employees now working from home. Nevertheless, the start of this year brought massive releases in March such as Doom Eternal, Animal Crossing New Horizons, and of course Half Life Alyx. The Long awaited remake of Final Fantasy VII also launched in April to much excitement.

We are also seeing an explosive growth in online streaming as more people are at home to consume content. Riot also recently released their closed beta of Valorant which has been driving viewers especially with the cleverly implemented drop system reward for watching various streamers playing the game. Other streaming platforms like Mixer from Microsoft have also continued to grow throughout this year. The future release calendar for 2020 remains uncertain to a large degree but with the launch of the next generation consoles from Microsoft and Sony this holiday season we won’t have to speculate much longer.

Till next time.