Mario if he real

A long, long time ago, the earth was ruled by dinosaurs. They were big, so not a lot of people went around hassling ’em. Actually, no people went around hassling ’em because there weren’t any people yet. Just the first tiny mammals. Basically life was good.Then something happened. A giant meteorite struck the earth. Good- bye, dinosaurs. But what if the dinosaurs weren’t all destroyed? What if the impact of that meteorite created a parallel dimension… where the dinosaurs continue to thrive and evolve into intelligent… vicious, aggressive beings, just like us? And, hey! What if they found a way back? Hey, lady, what are you doing! Ohhh! Aaah! Welcome to Miraculous World… where each week we ask unanswered questions. Today on our Miraculous World, another dimension… the universe next door. An alternate world separated by time and space… and yet somehow joined and contiguous with our own. Mario Brothers Plumbing, no leak too small. Uh- huh. Uh- hu… no, no, no. Don’t touch it. No, no… It’s not a big problem. Just leave it to the professionals. When I looked around, I was somewhere else. He goes and asks me Mario if he real. Then I see him, he goes and screams.

Super Mario in real life


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